Breakfast casserole in the crock pot! Cooks while you sleep! Sounds perfect for a Sunday morning and great for company!

PREP TIME: 20 mins
COOK TIME: 6-8 hours


1 bag - frozen hash browns
(26 oz.)
12 eggs
1 cup - milk
1 tablespoon - ground mustard
1 roll - sausage
(16 oz.) (maple, sage, or regular sausage)
1 bag - shredded cheddar cheese (16 oz.)
salt and pepper
cooking spray


1. Spray inside of crock pot to prevent sticking.

2. Evenly spread hash browns at the bottom.

3. Crack 12 eggs in a large bowl and
   Mix well
(and slowly) using a whisk.

4. Add the milk.

5. Now sprinkle in the ground mustard.

6. Add plenty of salt and lots of fresh pepper.
   Mix well and set aside.

7. Cook the sausage on high heat, drain and set aside.

8. Now add sausage on top of hash browns.

9. Throw the whole bag of cheese in there.

10. Now Mix everything in the crock pot well.

11. Pour the egg mixture over everything in the
     crock pot. Using a wood spoon, even everything
     out so it's spread evenly.

12. Turn the crock pot on low for 6-8 hours.

When you wake up in the morning you'll have this amazing and delicious breakfast waiting for you. Serve hot with a glass of orange juice and a side of toast.

Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole
Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole
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