HOLY MOLY !!! ... This is so good!!! ... I know, I know… Everyone has this recipe, but on the off chance that you don’t, you must try it.

PREP TIME: 10 min
COOK TIME: 4 hrs
YIELD: 8 servings


4 - chicken breasts
1 - packet dry Zesty Italian dressing
1 - 8 oz. package cream cheese
2 - cans cream of chicken soup


1. Place the chicken in a crockpot and sprinkle Italian
   dressing over it.

2. Combine cream cheese and cream of chicken soup in
   a small pot over low heat and mix thoroughly.

3. Once cream chesse and soup is mixed, pour over

4. Cook on low in the crockpot for at least 4 hours.
   You can leave it in there all day if you like.

5. Once chicken is done you can leave the chicken
   breasts whole, cube them, or even shred them.
   I always cut the breasts into tenderloin size strips.

6. Once you've cut up the chicken, throw it back in
   the crockpot and stir into the sauce.

7. If you feel the sauce is too thick, you can thin it to
   your preferred consistency with a little milk.

8. Serve over pasta or rice. Enjoy !!!!

Crock Pot Italian Chicken
Crock Pot Italian Chicken
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