Jello Shots are one of the simplest and most popular party starters. What a great way to help your guests ingest generous amounts of alcohol without the pain of tasting it. LOL


1 pkg. - Jello (any flavor)
(see mixing idea's below)
1 cup - boiling water
1 cup - straight alcohol,
         or a mixture of liqueur and vodka,
         or alcohol and cold water,
         or flavored liquors (Absolut Citron, Malibu,
            Captain Morgan’s) 1 cup of liquor,
         or for strong tasting, high proof liquors (tequila,
            and rum) a mixture of 4 oz. liquor and 4 oz.
            cold water was used.


1. Open package of jello into medium bowl.

2. Boil 1 cup of water.

3. Now stir in the boiling water into the gelatin and
   mix for about 2 minutes or until completely disolved.

4. Now add the cup of vodka or liquor and continue
   mixing for another minute.

5. Pour the mixture into plastic shot glasses and
   chill until firm, about 4 hours.

6. Serve and enjoy.


Lime Jello:
Absolut Citron - Crisp and lively citrus flavor.
Tequila - Plain tequila and lime is the quick and
          dirty way to make a “margarita” shot.

Cherry Jello:
Amaretto - An excellent combination, tastes like the
             syrup from a jar of maraschino cherries.
             Can be overly sweet if you add too much.
Peach schnapps - Mild but flavorful, tastes like candy.
Crème de cacao - This creates a chocolate/cherry flavor
                    with more complexity than average.
                    Too much of the liqueur tastes bitter.

Orange Jello:
Peach Schnapps - Use for a Fuzzy Navel effect.
                    Sweet and mellow flavor.
Tequila - Tangy and spicy, the orange really
          smooths out the tequila.
Captain Morgan’s - Sweet and spicy, would be
                      good for the holidays.
Amaretto - Tastes like a creamsicle or Orange Julius.
Malibu - Very smooth, pleasant coconut aftertaste.
Southern Comfort - Sweet with a bit more alcoholic
                       bite and edge than schnapps.

Lemon Jello:
Absolut Citron - Tart and clean, like a lemondrop
                   but not as sweet.

Watermelon Jello:
Sour Apple Schnapps - Fantastic flavor, tastes exactly
                          like a Jolly Rancher candy.
Tequila - Complex, tangy flavor, has a bite to it.
Midori - Sweet, more of a generic melon flavor.

Strawberry Jello:
Peach Schnapps - Sweet and candylike.
White rum - The quick and dirty strawberry daiquiri.
Tequila - Peppery, tangy, not overly sweet.
Sour Apple Schnapps - The schnapps enhances the berry
                          flavor for a sweet/tart effect.
Midori - Fruity, tastes a bit like bubblegum.

Peach Jello:
Malibu - Very smooth, alcohol flavor almost unnoticeable.
Captain Morgan’s - Tastes like peach pie, a little spicy.
Southern Comfort - Sweet, with a mild bourbon flavor.
Peach Schnapps - Very, very sweet and very peachy.
Sour Apple Schnapps - Tastes like Sweetarts.

Raspberry Jello:
Peach Schnapps - Fruity, sweet, tastes like red
Midori - Very sweet, fruity, tastes like bubble gum.

Jello Shots
Jello Shots
Jello Shots
Jello Shots
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